Jeremy Flint – Freelance Finance and Investing Writer

Jeremy is a professional finance and investing content writer experienced in working with venture capital, private equity, investment firms, and others in the financial sector to deliver value across the enterprise.

Financial services and investment firms have a serious marketing problem.

Digital marketing today relies on strategies that turn sophisticated and discerning clients away from your brand.

Emailed cold calls stuffed with cheesy copy are cringe. High-end clients don’t want their investment cycle to feel like an endless series of trips to a car dealer, and your email vibe shouldn’t match the eComm t-shirt sale in their inbox.

“SEO” blogs that stuff keywords into whatever order some SaaS tool dictates turn off your targets, too – if they even see it. Not many HNWIs base investment decisions on a quick “best private equity firm” or “coolest retirement wealth manager” search.

Affiliate marketing makes 98% of third-party referrals or reviews suspect (at best), and not many are willing to trust their capital with a fund manager who ends his social posts with 🤪

But there’s a new era in content marketing amid a resurgence in long-form, quality content that brings your audience actionable, thought-provoking, and trustworthy information *before* they’re a customer.

That’s what I do.

Who I Am

Many writers deliver media to drive traffic and improve KPIs. I’m no different. What sets me apart is compelling, informative, and valuable content that simultaneously generates engagement & conversation.

As a freelance finance writer, my primary goal is to simplify opaque economic, finance, and investing topics for any audience. I’ll work directly with you to capture your brand’s voice and vision and turn that into digestible content your customers will look forward to reading – no matter how complex.

No keyword stuffing.

No clickbait.

Just informative, actionable information that provides value to your target audience at the top of the funnel. I’ve found that this is the best way to:

  • build foundational goodwill for your company
  • assert authority and trustworthiness
  • develop lifelong, loyal customers.

Along with spending the last 10+ years as an officer in the Army, I also have my MBA. That means I merge tactical strategies with a talent for distilling complex topics into easy-to-understand content to help bridge the gap between you and your customers.

freelance finance writer Jeremy Flint with family

What I Do

My content expertise ranges across:

  • Long-form research, strategic proposals, and white papers
  • SEO-friendly and conversion-optimized blogs and articles
  • Engaging social media posts
  • Effective landing pages
  • Compelling product descriptions

While I have a diverse background and can quickly research new fields, my specializations are:

  • Finance, investing, and economics. I write about money in a way that helps readers understand and make more of it.
  • eCommerce and business. One of my past clients dubbed me “the prophet of profits.”
  • Investor-oriented education materials and communications. I’ll write you the perfect pitch so your business doesn’t get stuck in the ditch.

Who I Help

My clients include investment banking and wealth management firms, private equity and venture capital firms, fund managers, family offices, global consulting and marketing firms, and alternative investment platforms.

My broad scope of work includes:

  • Creating client-facing white papers on macroeconomic conditions, portfolio optimization, alternative assets, and HNWI targeting strategies.
  • Developing content for personal finance apps and startups to help customers reach their financial goals.
  • Contributing stock and company analysis to high-authority financial and capital market platforms.
  • Writing SERP-optimized content for investment firms targeting accredited investors.
  • Crafting startup and venture capital informational content focused on funding and valuation.
  • Providing “How To” articles advising business owners and consumers on prudent financial management techniques.
  • Developing comprehensive educational content for various subscriber platforms, affiliate marketing blogs, and wealth management firms, including long-form and social media content.
  • Delivering routine investor communications such as market outlooks and quarterly reports.






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