Freelance Financial Writing Prices

My Approach to Freelance Financial Content Pricing

The last thing you want is a nebulous pricing structure subject to budget bloat and unpredictable expenses. Like a great wealth manager won’t hide behind opaque management and expense fees, an honest freelance financial writer won’t obscure financial content writing costs.

To that end, the below pricing structure is complete, all-inclusive, and transparent. Professional financial content marketing pricing is about value – not just cost. Whether you’re running comps across multiple freelance investment writers or ready to pull the trigger, remember that I’m here to meet the spectrum of your financial content writing service needs. We’re doing more than putting mere words on paper or churning low-quality clickbait.

Beyond the actual words, my freelance investment writer pricing includes:

  • Ideation or, if you know exactly what you need, expert guidance from working with dozens of clients spanning many financial service and investment sectors.
  • A nuanced understanding of SEO best practices, including access to top SEO tools. I also stay on top of emerging SEO trends to keep your content winning and evergreen.
  • Subject matter expertise in your specific financial or investing field, with a work portfolio to prove it.
  • Writing that proves your authority to build trust at the top of your funnel and keep your product top-of-mind.
  • Professional, timely, and communicative work processes that keep you informed of progress from start to finish.

Freelance Financial Content Writing Prices

I base pricing on two core requirements: type and length of content. Different types of work demand different research levels, expertise, and time. Instead of working per word, my transparent pricing breakdown by length ensures we’re working to meet your goal instead of an arbitrary word count.

LengthShort Medium Long Very Long Additional Text
Maximum Word Count (800 words)(1,200 words)(1,500 words)(1,800 words)(+200 words)
Articles, blog posts, and investor communication content$240$360$480$600$75
eBook and white papersN/AN/A$750$900$105

What’s Included in the Financial Content Writing Price?

Pricing includes more than just putting words to paper – you’re paying for my academic and applied expertise alongside a range of intangible (but critical) aspects of freelance financial writing:

Mutual Understanding of Your Financial Content Writing Goals

  • I’ll work with you through live or asynchronous interviews to learn about your audience, business, brand, products or services, and goals for the project.
  • Work together to develop or refine a brief to drive the financial content writing project and serve as a cornerstone for future projects.
  • Thorough, thoughtful, and timely questions to ensure mutual understanding.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Best Practices

  • Create unique, thoughtful, and useful freelance financial content that builds authority and trust with your audience.
  • Keyword management that goes beyond stuffing and clickbait – we’ll integrate your keywords organically and usefully.
  • Leveraging top paid SEO tools like Semrush.
  • Internal linking and, in some cases, non-competitive backlinking.

Financial Content Writing Project Management

  • I’ll manage your freelance financial or investment writing project from start to finish using my internal project management tools.
  • Provide frequent and timely status updates.
  • Aligning myself with your existing content management systems.

Additional Freelance Financial Content Writing Charges

Beyond the basics, I also offer additional services as requested or needed.


Two rounds of reasonable revisions are baked into the upfront cost of our work together. If we need additional revisions or I deem your requests unreasonable (i.e., changes beyond the initial scope), I charge 10% of the initial price per revision.

Additional Words

Sometimes, we must expand upon certain points or explore topics more deeply. I charge according to the above table if we need to add words to your financial content writing project. I will notify you before adding words if I think the project warrants expansion.

Hourly Charges

You may have specific financial content writing needs that are more appropriately charged per hour. My hourly rate is $120, billed in 15-minute increments. I will provide an estimate for all hourly work before billing. Common hourly work includes:

  • Meetings: I don’t charge for initial or discovery meetings, but any time spent in calls beyond an initial consultation (Zoom, Skype, via phone, etc) will be charged hourly.
  • Audio or video review: If I have to review existing interview documentation or similar audio/visual feeder content, I’ll charge hourly for the time spent. This does not include self-sourced content used during my research process.
  • Uploading to your CMS of choice: If you need me to upload content to your CMS, like WordPress, I charge hourly for time spent.

Invoicing and Payment for Freelance Financial Writing

Feel free to ask any payment or billing questions before starting work with me. In general, unless your enterprise has specific processes in place, I:

  • Issue invoices from my business, Flint Solutions, LLC.
  • Itemize all work done within the invoice and as a separate email for redundancy.
  • Invoice at the end of the month for work completed during that period.
  • Send invoicing to whomever you designate, whether to you directly or to your accounts payable department.
  • Request payment on 30-day terms to proactively manage your budget and cash flow needs.
  • Accept payment through debt or credit card, via direct bank transfer, or via check or money order (if in the United States).

If you’re a new client, require a large work quantity, or I otherwise deem it necessary, I reserve the right to request a deposit for all planned work.