Freelance Finance Writing Portfolio & Expertise

Accomplished finance and investment writer experienced in breaking down complex economic, finance, and investing topics for any audience to generate value through meaningful insights.

freelance finance writer Jeremy Flint

You need a freelance financial and investment writer to build your authority through quality, accurate, engaging short- and long-form content. You’re interested in building and retaining an audience for your primary website, newsletter, or social media platform.

Most importantly, you want to take your most valuable asset – your knowledge, experience, values, and mission – and convey it easily to your customers and clients.

Freelance finance and investment white papers

Leverage your knowledge and expertise by communicating complex finance and investment topics in digestible, engaging, and clear long-form content.

Freelance stock market analysis and investment guides

Build trust through accurate stock and market analysis and create value by teaching clients how to conduct investment due diligence independently.

Freelance investor education and financial literacy content

Educate your audience on complex investment topics in a relatable format, teach users to use your financial services platform, and create authority in your domain of expertise.

Freelance personal finance and retirement content

Provide value-added content to clients and investors by offering top-of-funnel personal finance education before onboarding.

Freelance investor and client communications content

Provide clients with timely and accurate investment updates to remain top-of-mind while offering peace of mind.

Freelance real estate and real estate investment content

Help your customers understand personal real estate topics like mortgage lending or guide accredited investors in investment decisions.

Freelance alternative investment content

Guide investors on their alternative investment journey, whether private credit, venture capital, private equity, or other alternative asset opportunities.

Freelance financial and investment social media and multimedia content

Reach your clients and customers where they are by leveraging social media, or stay top-of-mind through email newsletters and eBook content.

Freelance B2B content

Develop ties across your value chain by clearly communicating your benefits and expertise to downstream client prospects.

miscellaneous freelance writing content

If your needs aren’t strictly within the finance and investment content writing spaces, don’t worry – chances are, we can find a content writing solution to meet your goals.


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